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Save this Date .......... Labor Day weekend 2016!  

NMDA National Show is coming to Texas!

Gulf Coast Donkey and Mule Association (GCDMA) will be hosting a weekend with miniature donkeys! 
Yes, that's right; both Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to these great little creatures with long ears!   Updates and details will be posted as plans develop, but one thing for sure ............. we will have fun, fun, fun!

Our Class List and Judge will be announced after the first of the year!  We are working hard to bring you a fantastic show!  Many thanks to all who have shared their ideas/comments!



Thank you for visiting our sale barn and for making our first three years extremely successful for our Barn Members
and for the miniature donkey industry as a whole!  We look forward to another great year in 2015! 

Donkeys currently listed on our website are owned by farms in Texas, Illinois, Tennessee, Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey, Nebraska, Kansas,  Iowa, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Virginia, Idaho,  Missouri,
Pennsylvania, Washington, Montana, Alabama, Canada, Michigan Maryland and Indiana; a big welcome to our
newest members, John and Jan Stallone of Rancho di Campobella Miniature Donkeys here in Texas!

This is the perfect place to find that special donkey for you!  We showcase jacks, jennys and geldings of all ages, sizes, colors and pedigrees; we have proven champions, outstanding breeding stock and wonderful backyard pets. 

At least one of our miniature breeders also raises standard and mammoth size donkeys, so we added a new page
for the larger animals.  While you are here, we invite you to take a look at them also!

If you are looking for a donkey, and don't find the "right one" listed here today, just click on the mailbox at the end of our website, and tell our Barn Manager exactly what it is that you are looking for! 

Herd Dispersal

We are selling off a large part of our miniature donkey herd this year, in order to reduce our financial and work burdens, as age and health issues are making it difficult to care for all these little donkeys!  Our primary goal is to find good homes for our animalsówe have reduced our prices significantly and are willing to negotiate on selling price of any donkey that you like!  Whether you are looking for an animal to train and show, or just for a darling little pet, we have your donkey!  Also, we offer a number of "BFF" (best forever friend) discounts for purchase of a pair of either jennies or geldings.

Click on this link Stallone Herd Dispersal for information on our donkeys!

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