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Thank you for visiting our sale barn and for making our first nine years extremely successful for our
Barn Members  and for the miniature donkey industry as a whole!  We look forward to another great year in 2020! 

This is the perfect place to find that special donkey!  We showcase jacks, jennys and geldings of
all ages, sizes, colors and pedigrees; we have proven champions, outstanding breeding stock
and wonderful backyard pets.  

Since we first published The Donkey Sale Barn in October 2009, we've had members from Texas,
Illinois, Tennessee, Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey, Nebraska, Kansas,  Iowa, Oklahoma, Louisiana,
Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Virginia, Idaho,  Missouri, Pennsylvania, Washington, Montana,
Alabama, Canada, Michigan, Maryland and Indiana. 

Some of our earlier members have sold their animals; some have sold all but one or two pets and some
have kept their herd and are just not breeding right now.   Fortunately, we do have some members
who have maintained or even added to their herds and are still able to offer you,
our customers, a nice selection of donkeys! 

If you are looking for a donkey and don't find the "right one" listed today, just click on the link
at the end of our website, and tell our Barn Manager exactly what it is that you are looking for,
and she can reach out to our members for you and see if they might have one
that they haven't listed yet; you never know!


Sale Barn

We love to sell our donkeys in pairs because they are the happiest with a friend
that looks and 'talks' just like they do, but in the event you are looking for
a companion or best friend for a donkey that you already have at home,
some of our members would consider selling only one!


Visit us on Facebook and meet the donkeys that we have for sale!


Our website is unfortunately a victim of the untimely death of Windows 7;  Microsoft isn't supporting
the program, and as a result of that event, my older, but favorite, publishing software is no longer stable! 

After several failed attempts to update our Sale Barn website, it was discovered that apparently the
only resolution to the situation right now is to follow Microsoft's suggestion and upgrade to Windows 10
and even then, there's no guarantee that it will alleviate the problem.  Currently, all updates
after 2016 (which apparently is when Windows 7 was installed on my computer) are locked out, and
even though what I see on my computer screen is updated 2020 information, what our website
visitors see on the internet is old 2016 and before news!




To reach our Barn Manager for additional information
or to get in touch with a particular participating breeder, email: Donkey Sale Barn



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